Same-day COVID Test Results Available

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SANISET provides same-day COVID testing services across the country, where we provide PCR testing via walk-ins at our office without an appointment or at your location by booking in advance. With the same-day COVID-19 PCR testing services, we aim at providing you with hassle-free yet reliable COVID testing. We can also provide you with all of your PPE needs regardless of company size.

We also offer rapid antigen testing, with test results available within 15 minutes. SANISET’s same-day testing services allow people to return to work safely and effectively, without a delay in waiting for results.

Saniset also provides COVID Compliance Officers who monitor safety on-site and provides the necessary training to your staff and employees. Call us today to book your same-day COVID testing available across North America. No matter how remote your location is, our team will be available to provide same-day COVID testing to all locations across the country.

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