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Looking for a one-stop-shop for disinfection, PPE, compliance officers, and COVID testing? Look no further than SANISET.

Our team of test administrators, doctors, compliance officers, and EMTs works around the clock to provide you with all the assistance in proper COVID-19 compliance and concierge COVID testing. Our Ontario disinfection services spray a hospital-like disinfectant solution over large areas for coverage even in the hardest to reach areas. Our disinfectant services are FDA-approved and non-toxic. SANISET strives to keep your safety as the top priority and can provide all of the PPE and compliance services to make that a reality.

We also provide testing at our offices with prior appointment booking. We deliver PCR test results in 1 hours and rapid antigen results in 15 minutes. Our team helps with contact tracing in case any of your staff members test positive. So contact us today and get started with Saniset!

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