Health & Wellbeing

We believe that productions and creative industries can be amongst the most exciting, fun places to work. But without the right resources and tools, our workplaces can become difficult and hostile environments, putting strain on people’s health, productivity, and possibilities.

At Saniset, we solve this challenge through our comprehensive Health & Wellbeing services.

Wellbeing & Mental Safety Consultation

We offer advising for every stage of production. Packaging the best resources, services, and steps to take to ensure high-quality wellbeing and safety for all cast and crew. We bring a team of experts on production skills, mental and emotional wellbeing, health and safety, & liability, across the US.

Our consultations include advising on:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Harm reduction and psychological safety support
  • Wellness resources and products
  • As-Needed Counseling + Therapeutic Services
  • Recommended Wellbeing practices and practitioners
  • Sensitive Content analysis

Wellbeing Competence & Effectiveness Coaching

for Executives, Producers, & Production Management

Learn tools and practices for managing healthy teams, navigating challenges, and supporting creative professionals in uniquely high-pressure, high-stress environments.

This coaching program is tailored for directors, filmmakers, and coordinators seeking to boost their skillsets, show up better prepared to address challenges, and keep themselves and others healthy and productive. Our coaches and counselors offer unique support, blending their own production experience with years of training and clients across multiple sectors.

Through our one-on-one executive coaching program, you will:

  • Develop healthier approaches to communication and trust-building
  • Enhance awareness and leadership in addressing challenges before they become a problem
  • Foster better accountability, performance, and productivity on set
  • Gain practical tools for spurring personal and collective care
  • Walk away with a deeper sense of how to maintain caring, supportive, and sustainable work environments

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