Disinfection Services

Saniset's disinfection services

Saniset's disinfection services serve to invest in the health and safety of your personnel, safeguarding you from potential liability. Our products are non-toxic, 100% food, pet, and human-safe, as well as EPA approved. We offer electrostatic fogging as our main method of disinfection for offices, work spaces, and other large areas. This mode of disinfection use hospital-grade disinfectant combined with mold killer and an odor eliminator to create a space clear of any potential virus and bacteria.

Electrostatic Fogging:

  • Atomizes a hospital-grade disinfectant solution into a fine mist that sticks to all surrounding surfaces.
  • Fastest method of disinfection, dries almost instantaneously.
  • Ideal for large areas with sensitive equipment, small crevices, and loose papers.
  • Fogging area is emptied of people and animals during the spraying process.
  • Technicians dawn full PPE.