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Saniset provides an all-inclusive COVID testing service that includes fast results, PPE, and compliance officers for your Austin, Texas workspace. Going back to work may seem stressful, but with Saniset’s services you can feel at ease that your safety is the top priority.

Our medical team provides certified compliance officers and test administrators across the state to ensure your workspace is following precautions. And to that end, we provide PPE such as face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, wipes, and thermal detection equipment, with the option for regularly scheduled orders. Furthermore, our test administrators in Austin are available to bring COVID-19 tests to your home and office spaces for your convenience.

Regardless of your testing location, our team provides painless testing and delivers PCR results within a couple of hours and rapid antigen results in 15 minutes. To book your appointment for COVID-19 testing or other COVID services in Austin, simply visit our site and fill out our intake form! Our team will then contact you shortly with all the required details and guide you through the process.

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