COVID Compliance Officers

What is a CCO (Covid Compliance Officer)?

A CCO reports directly to HR. They will oversee all COVID needs for your office as well as conduct a COVID safety training course for your employees

Role & Duties

  • Reports to HR
  • Conduct Online Training Course with employees prior to returning to work
  • Oversee COVID testing and Temperature Screenings
  • Oversee Posting of Proper Signage at the office, PPR basecamp, and workplaces
  • Oversee the purchase of the necessary PPE w/ HR approval Issue and track daily Employee Compliance Forms.
  • Ensures that all Offices, Basecamp, and workplaces are prepared for and managed during use
  • Oversee Daily Report to HR

CCO Support

Health and Safety Manager

  • Reports to Management
  • Medical Background
  • Oversee Field Reps
  • Monitoring, Distributing, and Restocking of PPE.
  • Conduct Temperature Screenings
  • Coordinate zone system & organize the workspace
  • Conduct & execute on-site wrap and finalizing

Saniset Field Rep:

  • Reports to HSM & HSS/CCO
  • Manage Hand Washing Stations/ Hand
  • Sanitizing Dispensers
  • Monitor Check In Tables & Monitor Lunch Lines
  • Disinfect & Sanitize All Surfaces throughout the day
  • Build Medical Checkpoints
  • Manage Security Checkpoints
  • Friendly reminders to employees to wear masks and maintain procedure
  • Quantity of Reps based on scope of project

Testing coordinator:

  • Reports to Management
  • Creates COVID PCR Testing Plan
  • Schedules COVID PCR Testing
  • Collects Patient Data
  • Finds Medical Teams
  • Oversees Contact Tracing
  • Sends Out Patient Results
  • Schedules Medical Staff for Testing