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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Of Your Team Is Our Priority

Often work is done in shared offices, confined spaces, and remote locations. We understand how important the safety of your staff is to your company and work environment.

We have sourced the best-suited products and advisors to mitigate risk, both in the office and within these working environments.

We Offer Our Services to the Entire U.S. Region

We Offer Our Services to the Entire U.S. Region

Services We Offer

Risk Assessment

We advise on the workflow, best practices, & regulations regarding health, safety, and the wellbeing of your company. This includes a full risk assessment, finding preventative measures for your unique scenario.

COVID-19 Testing

We provide RT-PCR testing with results as fast as 1 hr* and rapid antigen testing with results in 15 mins. Our Testing Administrators are able to provide testing at home, on-set, or at our office.

*varies based on price & location

COVID Compliance Officers

We can supply your company with a CCO who will report directly to management. They will oversee all COVID needs for your staff as well as conduct a training course with the employees.


From face masks, wipes. hand sanitizers, and gloves to thermal detection equipment, we are prepared to supply you with any and all PPE needs.

Health and Safety

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